Give your pet a healthier, happier, and longer life with Essential Point Therapy.

Does your beloved pet suffer from chronic conditions like kidney disease, cancer, debilitating allergies, or persistent pain?

Are they struggling with behavioral issues like aggression or anxiety?

Or, have you tried everything for your pet without finding them the relief they deserve?

You aren’t alone.

My name is Dr. Dennis Thomas, and I’ve spent my entire career helping pets and caretakers break free and find real solutions to their health problems.

I’ve served tens of thousands of pets all across the world, extending their life, breaking the cycle of chronic conditions, and solving the issues that other veterinarians can’t seem to solve.
Now, I want to help you with Essential Point Therapy.

What is Essential Point Therapy?

In Essential Point Therapy, I teach you how to activate acupuncture points with the touch of a finger.

No fancy medications, no technical knowledge or formal training required.

And, best of all, you get to choose how to use it. Because Essential Point Therapy works seamlessly with conventional treatments, you can combine it with other modalities, or use Essential Point Therapy to replace them.

I've taught hundreds of caretakers and helped thousands of pets all over the world with this simple and straightforward set of practices.

Today, clients all over the world practice Essential Point Therapy alongside and instead of more conventional approaches.

In Essential Point Therapy, I teach you how to activate the natural healing energies in your pet’s body to restore the flow of healing energy, bring balance to their life, and solve the complex health challenges that plague so many pets.

This isn’t another online course but a targeted training program designed to help you isolate the specific issues your pet is struggling with and solve those specific issues.

Essential point therapy gives you all the tools you need to begin helping your pet find relief, balance, and stability today. 

When you enroll in Essential Point Therapy, you get:

  1. Specific video training about activating the natural healing energies that already reside in your pet.
  2. Detailed explanations for how and why it works.
  3. Videos designed for specific and targeted help in the areas you need it most.
  4. Downloadable PDFs that you can download, print, and keep.
  5. Supplemental suggestions and directives that I give my own patients to support and improve the benefits of Essential Point Therapy.
Chronic Diseases and Conditions

Learn how essential Point Therapy can support and replace more conventional approaches to big and scary diseases like cancer, kidney disease, digestion and bowel issues, and allergies.

Chronic Pain

When your pet suffers from chronic pain, it impacts every part of their life. Whether they suffer from neck, back, hip, knee, or joint pain of any kind, learn how to give them targeted relief to the area they need it most.

Behavioral Issues

Aggression and anxiety in dogs and cats are among the most common problems in dogs and cats, leaving caretakers stressed out, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Learn how to bring calm relief to your dog or cat.

Every version of Essential Point Therapy comes packed with:

Simple and straightforward language that anyone can understand. Don't worry about complicated terminology or hard-to-understand language. I explain everything in simple terms that everyone can understand.

Easy remedies that are proven to work. This isn't theory, but comes back with thousands of cases of proven results.

The tools you need to provide immediate relief to your pet. I leave nothing to chance. Walking you through everything you need to know from theory to practice and beyond. You learn everything you need.

All from the comfort of your own home.

With Essential Point Therapy, you can transform, extend, and improve your pet’s life, giving them simple, steady relief from the very problems that have been ailing them for months or years.

And, with Essential Point Therapy, you can get started in minutes, not hours.

Essential Point Therapy is so simple and effective that you can provide your pet the relief they need within 1 hour.

Essential Point Therapy is a $97 value, but I’m releasing it for $39

Your pet’s life doesn’t need to be filled with chronic conditions, expensive vet bills, and invasive, painful treatments. With Essential Point Therapy, you can give them something better.